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IDOL SPAS hot tubs can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

When installed outdoors, we strongly recommend using full insulation and a thermal cover. The full insulation and the thermal cover keep the water temperature and thus save you money. Covering the hot tub with the thermal cover when you are not using it prevents contamination of the water.

The full insulation and the thermal cover can also be used when the hot tub is installed indoors. The full insulation prevents fast cooling of the water and the thermal cover keeps humidity in the tub and prevents it from spreading into the room when the tub is not actively used.

When choosing from our warehouse stock, you can find the optional equipment available for each type of hot tub as it is demanded by most customers.

When installing the hot tub indoors, pay attention to the surface onto which it will be positioned. Select a surface that is not damaged or contaminated. The interior must be ventilated due to humidity spreading into the room from the hot tub during its active use. At the least, provide windows that can be opened and cover the tub with the thermal cover when not in use to prevent humidity from spreading.

Your hot tub requires a solid and level foundation. The place where the tub is to be installed must bear the weight of the tub with water and people. If the foundation is unsuitable, the tub may shift or subside when installed, which may damage it.

Concrete foundation is the best (5 – 8cm thick). Consult any other foundation with the seller/experts. Consider the bearing capacity of up to 500kg/m2 according to the size of the tub. Consult the bearing capacity of elevated constructions with a structural engineer. We recommend having the foundation plate for your hot tub built by a qualified and licenced company.


All our hot tubs are suitable for embedding in the floor. They can be embedded partially or completely (up to the acrylate). The foundation must be reinforced! Concrete is the best solution. Consult its thickness with the seller/experts. Once again, the surface must be level.

Attention! When embedding the hot tub, an additional space of 50 – 60cm on each side of the tub is required for maintenance to allow a technician to access all technologies. The most important side to be accessed is the side with the control panel. If you decide to embed the hot tub, consult it with the seller so that you are properly prepared!


The technician needs enough space for potential service
The technician needs enough space for potential service


Simply said: 400V 5C x 4mm, three-phase circuit breaker 20A – 25A, characteristics “C” or “D”. It is possible to use a cable with the core cross-section of 2.5mm and 16A circuit breaker, characteristics “C” or “D” for some of the smaller hot tubs after consultation with an IDOL SPAS technician. All devices in the hot tub are single-phase.

All hot tubs require a permanent independent IGA circuit with current protection In=0.03A with no other devices connected! Make sure that the cable on the output from the electrical system of the hot tub is long enough so that it can be directly connected to the power supply. If you do not know the exact distance, leave the cable at least 5m long at the connection.

If it is not possible to use a three-phase connection to 400V, an individual consultation with a IDOL SPAS technician is required due to protection. All technologies in the hot tubs are single-phase and they can be connected to two phases, or a single phase.


Hot tubs are not connected to water supply. Using a garden hose is ideal for filling up your hot tub. Fill it up to the line. Try to keep the line as much as possible as it is important for the proper functionality of all technologies.

Each hot tub has an outlet valve; you can either empty it in the garden, or into the sewer. When emptying the tub in the garden, pay attention to its gradient (to avoid getting wet, or flooding your neighbour’s vegetable plot).

You can use an outlet valve attached to a hose to empty the hot tub into the garden/sewer. The water in the hot tub is replaced about 2 to 3 times a year. Some people change it more often, other people less often. It is up to the user to decide when to change the water, in addition to using chemicals properly.