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The latest technology whirlpools IDOL SPAS – Gecko

The main control and technological element of Czech brand IDOL SPAS is control panel and control unit with heating and water heating from a Canadian producer Gecko. It is a leading manufacturer of the system of whirlpools that exhibits high reliability in connection with the life of the device. The control unit Gecko Y series  cares for smooth and safe operation of the hot tub and is complemented by a control panel or in.k500 in.k800 with full color display for easy operation of tubs.


Top panel Gecko in.k800

Top panel gecko in.k500

Control systems for spas

Powerfull and efficient pumps IDOL SPAS

The pumps are one of the most important parts in the hot tub. Therefore we are testing pumps and choose only those, which are durable, economical and of quiet performance from renowned brands. Our circulation pumps have a maximum consumption of 0.3 kilowatts per hour. Massage pumps have power to 5HP. We can adjust performance and quantity of pumps according to your wishes.

Pumps Waterway USA

Pumps Balboa USA

Pumps Gecko Kanada

Powerfull blowers with vacuumed air preheating

We choose only high quality CG-Air blowers, Balboa, etc., that have a long life and high performance. We offer possibility of a excess fare on the blower with heated air vacuumed, which is very pleasant especially in winter times when outdoor use. Blower is used for bubble baths and massages. Stimulates the skin, reduce muscle tension and increase metabolism.


Blower IDOL CZ

Blower Balboa USA

Isolation and bottom IDOL SPAS hot tubs for outdoor and mountin use

Isolation is another very important part of hot tub. Good isolation keeps warmness in outdoor hot tubs and makes operation significantly financially cheaper. Make sure that this whirlpool has the best isolation. Our hot tubs are equipped by heat recovery. It means that high-quality isolation is on the bottom and on skirt of whirlpools, which also uses the heat engine to heat water in whirlpools.

It is important is that the heat really does not escape.

Plastic or fiberglass spa bottom is also covered with isolation and prevents hot tub from moisture and ingress of insects and rodents.

Kvaltiní izolace vířivky idol spas

Isolation IDOL SPAS